Fine Tuning Emergency Medicine: Amplify Your Performance

MAY 3-6, 2020


Fine Tuning Emergency Medicine: Amplify Your Performance

MAY 3-6, 2020


Committee Workshops

(Open to All Attendees)

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2020, 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Once again, EDPMA is opening up its committee workshops to all Summit registrants, both members and nonmembers. Sunday’s workshops are a great way to learn what EDPMA is working on and why you should join the association. Registrants will hear from committee members and outside speakers on important issues facing the business of emergency medicine. Competitors work together to solve problems faced by everyone in the industry.


Federal Health Policy Committee

The Federal Health Policy Committee will discuss federal legislation that impacts your bottom line such as legislation addressing surprise gaps in insurance and out-of-network reimbursement, prudent layperson standard, payment transparency, and the impending 7% cut for Medicare.


State Regulatory and Insurance Committee

The State Regulatory and Insurance Committee will discuss state-level legislation including balance billing legislation, Medicaid expansion and waivers, and the prudent layperson standard.


Quality, Coding & Documentation Committee

The Quality, Coding & Documentation Committee will address issues such as MIPS documentation and value-based payments, and down coding by commercial plans based on diagnosis list or modifier 25.


Practice Management Committee

The Practice Management Committee, a new committee, will discuss issues such as gathering data to support advocacy, issues facing rural EDs, and Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment.

Many attendees find these informal workshops to be a great way to learn from experts and peers on the issues of the day while getting to know leaders in the industry. The workshops are an integral part of the Summit. Don’t miss out! Please make sure your travel plans allow you to attend the Sunday workshop sessions.

Quote 10

“This is a great forum and the content/networking opportunities are unique to this conference.”

Quote 9

“I have learned so much about the business of EM from attending several EDPMA conferences as a young physician leader in my group.”

Quote 8

“The EDPMA Solutions Summit is well worth the time investment. A great opportunity to network with colleagues as we work collaboratively to advance our specialty.”

Quote 7

“This was my first EDPMA conference! I enjoyed meeting the EDPMA’s Committee leadership and found the committee meetings informative. EDPMA members are strong advocates working diligently for the greater good of Emergency Medicine. It was great to hear about practical ideas and solutions for many EM challenges.”

Quote 6

“EDPMA is the go-to source for ED Physician Group Executives, advocating for the profession and helping us deal with the challenges in the space.”

Quote 5

“Excellent opportunity to meet thought leaders in Emergency Medicine and learn from their respective experience.”

Quote 4

“I found the Solutions Summit to be an excellent source for current information that will help with managing our practices. The nice resort setting and the opportunity to network with other professionals made it a great event.”